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Is Fasting+ right for my fasting regime?

And How exactly should i use it?

FASTING+ was developed specifically for Intermittent Fasting regimes undertaken to optimise health. For other fasting regimes, as long as you are not following a dry fast, FASTING+ could be a useful addition to your regime. You can also use FASTING+ as part of a low carb or ketogenic plan.

During all fasts and Intermittent Fasts, the body is trying to move from burning sugar for fuel to fat and from growth mode into repair mode. Together with your Intermittent Fasting regime, FASTING+ supports your body with these transitions.

For Periodic Fasts (where you have periods of fasting and periods of normal eating, such as 5:2, 4:3, Alternate Day Modified Fasting etc.) simply add up to 4 sticks per day, based on what you need to stay on track with your fasting plan. Use FASTING+ in the same way for water fasts, low carb and ketogenic plans.

For Time Restricted Feeding (where you eat all food within a set time frame each day, such as 12:12, 16:8, 20:4 etc.) keep in mind your body is also getting some fasting benefits from Circadian Rhythm syncing. To support this, use up to 4 sticks of FASTING+ per fasting day to achieve any of the following:

1. A transition to a shorter eating window. For example, from 12 to 8 hours. Consume FASTING+ when you feel your willpower wavering as you aim for your new start time. Gradually phase it out as you get used to your new start time. When you take FASTING+ note that your clock then starts which will affect the level of Circadian Rhythm mediated benefits you will be getting. Be reassured that you will be getting fasting benefits from continuing to burn fat for fuel in the meantime

2. Phasing out unwanted snacks or meals within the eating window. For example, aiming for 2 meals only and using FASTING+ when your willpower wavers in between those meals

3. As a better snack during the eating window. For example, usually you have 2 meals only within your eating window but occasionally you need something extra for whatever reason

Why is coconut oil a healthy fat?

What is its role in Fasting+?

In moderation all types of fat, except trans or hydrogenated fats, are useful to the body. The coconut oil in FASTING+ is not hydrogenated and does not contain trans fats.

Coconut oil is classified as a saturated fat and more specifically, a medium chain triglyceride. The body uses this fat as an alternative source of fuel to glucose to create energy or heat. It also contains high levels of Lauric Acid which has many immune support properties for healthier ageing and is gentler on the gut than MCT oil.

In FASTING+ the key roles for the coconut oil are to support appetite control, maintain muscle mass and support the immune system during your fast. We use organic, extra virgin coconut oil for maximum benefits.

What are polyphenols?

What are their role in Fasting+?

Polyphenols are compounds found in all plants. Plants evolved polyphenols as protection from their immediate environment. For example, when there was too much sunlight or too much wind. When humans eat plants containing polyphenols, they are beneficial to us in many different ways, including, most famously their role as antioxidants.

In FASTING+ the ingredients where chosen to include particular classes of polyphenols known collectively as Calorie Restriction Mimetic’s. These `mimic’ how the body responds to fasting via different but complementary pathways compounding the results of your fast. Through a wide range of associated processes, they support the body moving from using glucose for fuel to fat and out of growth mode and into repair. We use wild and organic ingredients where ever possible for optimum polyphenol levels and have carefully designed the blend to take advantage of natural synergies between the sub classes of these polyphenols.


Each sachet contains 109kcal but these calories do not undermine your fasting goals. Instead the blend supports the way the body fasts including helping you move to using fat for fuel rather than glucose. As you are already in fasting mode, these will be used for energy and/or heat rather than stored as fat.

Keep in mind these calories still need burning off before your own fat is used for fuel. So if your primary aim is weight loss, consider using FASTING+ in response to fasting symptoms rather than managing those symptoms proactively to ensure you use just the right amount of fasting sticks to get you tapping into your fat stores sooner rather than later.